NoodleTools is more than just a citation tool. It is a research-management system that can help you:

  • Plan, gather, and organize your research with electronic notecards
  • Make a project to-do list
  • Create outlines
  • Format your bibliography
  • Create citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles and then export them into your paper
  • Collaborate with classmates

Sign up or log in at this link, which is located on the Citation Guide/ NoodleTools--

*Troubleshooting-- It is recommended to use Google Chrome, as some Safari users have reported issues with functionality. You also may need to clear your cache. Directions on clearing your cache. If those directions still don't fix the problem, try opening the NoodleTools link on this page in an Incognito window. 

*If it asks students for the GCC login information, have them clear their cache or use an Incognito Window. 

Students who go to the open web link rather than the library database link to sign up for NoodleTools are accidentally signing up for MLA Lite Accounts. The Lite accounts do not have the same features as the full account. Most notably, the sharing project feature is different and there is no notecard feature.

The platforms for the two versions look incredibly similar, but in the upper left corner of the screen users will see an icon for either plain NoodleTools or NoodleTools MLA Lite. If a student sees MLA Lite, they have signed up for the wrong account type. Also, a student can tell if they are in a Lite account if it has Public Access rather than a Sharing option on the Projects screen.

To avoid accidentally signing up for Lite,  students should always follow the sign-up link from the GCC Library database page or from the Citation Help Guide (which also has other troubleshooting suggestions and directions for how to use NoodleTools).

*If students already signed up for Lite, here are directions for switching to the subscription version.

To sign up for a new account:  

  1. The subscription type is already filled in for you.
  2. Go to  "Choose a Personal ID." 
  3. Select a username and password. We recommend using your MEID username, so that you remember, even if you choose a different password.
  4. Use your GCC student email account for the "Google Account email" section. Student emails are your (example:
  5. Click Register.

If you are off campus, the link will prompt you to log in with your MEID and password, just like any other database.

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