Available WiFi Access:

  • Guest/Public wifi - MCC’s Maricopa network will allow anyone to connect. The connection is limited and will only allow for basic internet services. Customers connected to the Maricopa network are disconnected after 24 hours. Customers may reconnect again after a disconnect.

  • Employee and Student wifi - The eduroam wifi network can be accessed by any employee or student with a valid MEID and password. Employees that login to this network will be able to print to printers on the campus network. All customers (employees or students) will need to reaccept the acceptable use policy every 30 days, which will require signing in again.

General Instructions For Connecting:

  • Maricopa - Select maricopa from the list of available networks, but please be aware that simply connecting to the maricopa network is not enough to get you connected to the internet. Once you connect, you’ll be greeted with a splash page in which you must agree to the terms and conditions to finish the process.

  • eduroam:

    • Select eduroam from the list of available networks - you should be prompted to enter your username and password.

      • For the Username, enter yourMEID@maricopa.edu
      • For the password, enter the same password you use for other systems that use your MEID to login
      • You will be brought to a splash page where you will need to click on the "Continue to the Internet" button in order to accept the terms and conditions.
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