Please renew or return materials by the due date!

  • Overdue notices are sent to a current email address as a courtesy reminder.
  • Library materials not returned are considered lost. These items will be billed to you at the list price.
  • Non-book items (DVDs, CDs, etc.) not returned after 14 days are considered lost, and these items will be billed at the list price.
  • Borrowers have 90 days from the due date to return lost material and have the debt reversed.
  • After 90 days, previous payment for lost items that are subsequently found may not be refundable. 
  • Unpaid bills will prohibit students from registering for classes or ordering transcripts, and may be sent to collections.

Library debts are posted directly to student records. Debts may be paid online at, or by visiting the cashier's office at the welcome center.

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