The link to the full-text isn't always obvious in our databases.  Look for icons that link out to the full-text . They may say HTML or PDF full text.


Sometimes the text of the article is not available in a particular database.  Some publishers have embargo periods for their journals and don't release the newest articles until several months or a year have passed.  To get the entire text:

  1. "Google It" - Many journals are published as open access.  Search in Google with the article title and/or author name. 
  2. Try finding it in One Search - Maybe the full-text article wasn't in the database that you were searching but is in one of our other databases. One Search will look for your article across databases. Be sure to select the Fully Available Online option from the left side of the results page to limit the results.
  3. Fill out an interlibrary loan request - This is a free service!  Create an account and then request a photocopy of the article.  While sometimes the process can take time, articles often arrive electronically within a few days.  
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